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Hey guys,this post is all about face care and how you can keep your skin fresh and free from acne problems.I always follow these steps to keep my skin free from pimples and stickiness in this humid weather.>Morning Routine1.Cleaning: Start your morning with a mild cleanser so that you do not rub off all the natural oil from your face.And guys always use cleanser based on your face type.There are variety of cleanser based on skin types.Check on nykaa and purplle apps which shows all the products based on skin types.So that your skin gets what it needs.2.Face pack: You can do this either at night or in the morning.I do it in the morning even its just for 5 minutes.I use usually homemade face packs made of Multani mitti as i have oily skin with lemon juice and yogurt.You can change these facepack combination based on your skin type.So take this face pack and gently message on your face to improve circulation and removes toxicity.3.Toning: Always use toner after washing your face as this is the most important part of your face routine.Toner balances your pH balance and minimizes the pores.It also removes chlorine from water that you get when you wash your face.4.Moisturizer: Moisturize well after these steps but lightly on T zone area cuz it tends to get oily in masoon really fast. If you are wearing makeup for the day then apply mattifying primer on T zone area.>Night routine.1.Remove your makeup well: After your whole day, start with taking your makeup off.You can use Baby johnsson oil as it has Vitamin E or Coconut oil.So take small amount of oil and warm a little with your fingers and message onto your face in circulation which eventually start dissolving all the makeup off from your face.And wipe it off with cotton or tissue.If you don't remove your makeup before face wash,what you do is you are messaging all the makeup n dirt onto your skin and it doesn't come off easily.So always remove your makeup with oil or a makeup remover.2.Face wash: Wash your wash with deep cleanser.3.Toner: Apply toner to remove the excess dirt.4.Serum: Finish your night routine with some serum that repairs your skin overnight.I use vedic line anti pigmentation oil for even skin tone.Additional tips:>Try not to touch your face with your fingers more often to keep your skin bacteria free.>Always wear your sunscreen.>Try to cover your face in traffic areas.Thankyou,XOXOXO

Monday, 16 Jul | Beautsfashion

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